Fringe Review: What the… Feminist?!

The subject of feminism is often misunderstood, perceived as a complex subject to be avoided at the risk of sparking a debate. In reality, feminism is built upon a foundation of equality and empowerment – both themes in which this performance is rooted.

The incredible team at Bits’n’Bobs Theatre Company have created a show which succinctly, and hilariously, demonstrates the simplicity of feminist principles. Through various sketches and ingenious characters, the actors highlight the hypocrisy of feminine and masculine ideals, and unpacks the ridiculous comments coming from critics of the feminist movement.The dance choreography has the audience in stitches with bold, exaggerated dance moves and unashamedly provocative routines.The incredible vocal abilities of the cast are wholly unexpected. Their powerful voices and clever articulation allow audiences to hear every clever lyric, and nearly every line results in a laugh (often a snort) from the crowd.The script is unapologetically honest and open about female and male sexuality. The writers have done an incredible job of creating a script which deals with countless sensitive issues in a way that will make every single audience member laugh. Look out for the particularly catchy song about the realities of menstruation, and the struggles of puberty.The cast members are seamlessly in time with each other throughout this performance, both within musical numbers and in the rhythm of their speech. The fast-paced energy is infectious, barely giving the audience a chance to catch their breath between bouts of laughter, all the while drawing attention to white privilege, lad culture, catcallers, and toxic masculinity.I have been going to the Fringe for over 10 years, and this bold, creative, ground-breaking show is now among my favourites. The cast and writers are unafraid to the push the boundaries and each moment is as unexpected as the one before.

What the… Feminist?! is at theSpace on the Mile, Space 2 (Venue 39) 22.30, August 9-11. For more information and tickets click here

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