This engineer turned blogger shares his secrets to travelling for the rest of your life

Juan Martinez first journeyed outside of his native Colombia as he was coming to the end of high school, a relatively late introduction to the world of travel.
Of course, the travel bug soon bit and Juan quickly became addicted. After spending the year in Germany, Juan had enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to stay – and the rest is history. Since then, he hasSince then he has travelled to more than 60 countries, and now has a popular blog documenting his roaming lifestyle.
His blog Traveler’s Buddy is now his full-time job, as he travels the world in association with great brands and tourism boards.Don’t you wish you could travel the world like Juan too?
Here are his top tips for those hoping to enter the world of travel blogging:
1. Defy your own expectations
When Juan contacts hotels to negotiate a deal, he reaches out to the best of the best – the finest hotels with the most exquisite rooms. If a hotel has a beautiful room that is not booked, Juan explains, why not let a blogger stay and spread the word about the accommodation?If you keep pushing boundaries, you will work with better companies each day, making a name for yourself and always climbing up that travel media ladder.
2. Planning
While many travel bloggers are advocates for the classic “ditch the job and travel the world” story, Juan reminds us of the importance of planning. He quit his job at a time when he was making good money through his blog and realised that, if he kept growing at the same rate, he would be able to travel and blog full-time – a sensible
decision that led to his success today.
3. Always learn new markets
Now that everyone can take a good quality picture from their smartphones, travel bloggers need to reach into new markets. Juan turned to drone photography when he discovered that it was a relatively untouched market and that drones were getting more affordable each passing day. He insists that, as a photographer, you need to learn new markets all the time and discover a way into them ahead of the masses.
4. Read, read, read
From checking out web designs to reading articles listing the ways to increase your followers, there is so much to learn from other bloggers. Be cautious though: while some articles will provide you with great advice to expand your blog, Juan often comes across articles full of nonsense from people who have bought followers, trying to claim credit for their large following.Try out different techniques and see what works for you – check out our next tip to see what worked for Juan.
5. How to increase followers and engagement
Post at a certain time – think about what your readers are doing at certain times of the day and how to create a piece that will impress them in that moment.
Be constant – when you decide to post at a certain time, stick to it. If you do not post for a long time, your engagement will decrease significantly.

Don’t buy followers– Juan highlights that buying followers is going to show your photos to people who don’t exist, people who are not going to engage with the content, therefore, you are not expanding your audience or making a name for yourself in the blogging sphere.
6. Have a good mixture of content
After visiting a destination, Juan makes sure to create a variety of content for his followers – a photography-based piece to show the beauty of the place, an article focusing on something unique that the destination can offer, a piece from the perspective of a budgeting traveller. Not only does Juan create this content on his blog, he also produces videos for his Instagram stories and aerial footage using his drone. Through all this, Juan’s followers get a thorough account of the destination and can make an informed destination about visiting.
7. Create something original
Perhaps the most important tip of all – be original. Check out the websites, blogs and channels of your favourite bloggers – decide what you like and what you think is missing then create your own.
Follow Juan on Instagram here.

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