8 essential things to do in Western Australia

Qantas has announced that it will now operate direct flights between London and Perth, which means that your Aussie adventure is closer than ever! 

There is so much to discover in the land down under; go for a big city break, a beach holiday, or even a road trip across the outback. Kangaroos, Koala Bears, Wombats – need I say more?

So, to get you started, here are the top five things to do when your plane touches down in Perth; the first steps to your holiday in Oz.

1. King’s park and Botanic gardens

This park is one of the largest city parks in the world and offers spectacular views over Perth. I recommend using one of the free barbeques to have a bit of a cook up; enjoy some local Aussie steaks, have a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the adjacent Swan River. The lights of the city skyline are spectacular against the darkening sky.

2. Swan river

Stroll along Swan River to see a peaceful side to this bustling city. Look out for the jellyfish mulling about in the waters and make sure to check out the Bell Tower, which has some fantastic viewing platforms.


3. The Perth mint

While this may seem like a random excursion, The Perth Mint provides an easy little insight into the ways that gold discovery shaped Western Australia’s history. They even do a live gold pour, which is mesmerising to watch.

4. Museums

Perth has a wide variety of museums and galleries so take your pick! Here are a select few:

Western Australian Museum – I visited this museum in 2015 and loved it. The history of the indigenous people of Australia is heart-breaking and the museum’s collections opened my eyes to the injustices faced, even today, by indigenous groups. This museum should be top of your list and really has something for everyone.

Art Gallery of Western Australia – this gallery has both historical and contemporary collections from local and international artists alike.

The Nostalgia Box Museum – this quirky museum has a large collection of game consoles from over the years. There is also a Games Area so visitors can play classics like Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros.

And many more…

5. London Court

This tiny avenue is situated behind a beautiful clock and echoes Tudor London. This feels a bit like a Disney version of old London and is a fun narrow street lined with some adorable little cafes. I particularly enjoyed a British sweet shop – a wonderful treat for a student missing home!

Bonus Adventures:

You cannot visit Perth without taking a few day trips to the surrounding area.

6. I particularly recommend a wine tasting at one of the beautiful vineyards peppered across Western Australia. Many people do wine tours and spend a few days travelling from vineyard to vineyard, which sounds like an idyllic way to experience Oz.

7. Visit the seaside town of Fremantle; enjoy some fresh fish and chips in the bustling harbour, visit the Little Creatures Brewery for some pizza and a refreshing beer, wander along the sandy beaches and visit some of the many maritime museums and galleries. Also, try a Cold Rock ice cream – choose a chocolate bar and ice-cream flavour and a server will mix it all together in a delicious combination.

8. Finally, a visit to Western Australia is not complete without a trip to Rottnest Island – an idyllic island paradise off the coast of Fremantle. The blue waters surrounding this island will leave you wondering if you are dreaming – take the circular bus route, or cycle around the island, choose a beach and just relax…

Written for The National Student:

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